About eco-profiles®.org - a U.S. patented environmental solution


To help demonstrate the need for Eco-Profiles, consider this ...


EPA 2011:  Currently less than 10% of businesses in the U.S. recycle.  Despite all of the hype about businesses "going green" these recycling rates have remained stagnant for nearly 15 years because consumers have no easy or consistent way of getting real information about businesses.  Consumers are unable to identify which businesses are doing environmental actions such as recycling, and which businesses aren't.   When inactive businesses begin to see that they may lose market share because consumers can read the Eco-Profiles of businesses that are doing environmental actions such as recycling, inactive businesses will quickly get on board to do more.    


Gallup, Tandberg Global Studies, Cone Research, GoodPurpose Studies, etc. have found that 85% of consumers are willing to switch their loyalty to support companies that are doing more environmentally.  Unfortunately because of green-washing and all of the confusion in the market place about 'green', environmentally active businesses are not earning that market share advantage that they deserve because their actions aren't being recognized by consumers.  Eco-Profiles allow businesses and organizations that are environmentally progressive to rise above the chaos and display their actions to the public in a public-friendly and universal format.   


Watch video about why the founder, Mitch Hedlund, created Eco-Profiles:


Eco-Profiles can be linked to websites, social sites, emails and can also be displayed on entrances, near registers and printed on packaging.  


It's a simple proposition:  'Doing good and being transparent' should be good for business.  In fact, it should be a driving force for all businesses, schools and organizations to gain a measurable market share advantage over those that aren't doing anything to improve their impact on the environment and society.  


But Eco-Profiles isn't just for organizations or businesses to communicate their actions, individuals can also create their eco-profile and share it as well.


Additionally, many individuals or businesses that are overwhelmed by knowing what to do environmentally, look at the Eco-Profiles questions as their guide or action plan to follow.   Alongside each question is a "Why and How" button that explains the environmental benefits and the financial benefits of doing each action ... and it has a resource to help you achieve each action.


It's that simple.   No more ambiguous green slogans or icons.  No more certification clutter.  No more misleading claims.  No more technical language that the public doesn't understand.   No more wondering how to begin greening your life or business.  Eco-Profiles is simply a way for every member of society to have a plan to follow and to communicate what they are doing in one easy and consistent format.



Eco-profiles.org is a U.S. patented and internationally patent-pending solution.  Gratefully, Eco-Profiles is the recipient of a unique and historic opportunity to be represented at no charge, by one of only six law schools in the U.S. chosen by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.   In February 2012, Eco-Profiles was issued the U.S. Patent!




"My inspiration for creating these solutions came from an awareness while serving my clients and listening to the general public and consumers ... green is chaos."


Michelle "Mitch" Hedlund - Founder of Eco-Profiles.org and Recycle Across America.org


Board of Advisors

Ron Gonen - Founder RecycleBank


Art Drogue - SVP Customer Development of the Americas Unilever (member of Unilever Sustainability Committee)


Jim Taylor - Director Operations Recycle Across America,  Former Executive Officer with UnitedHealth Group and Federal Reserve


Rebecca Kulas - Dakota County Environmental Director, Former VP Environmental Services US Bank and Environmental Director BP


Mike Taylor - Leads the Clinton Climate Initiative and the ACUPCC contracts with Honeywell


Mike Erlandson - Governmental Affairs Supervalu


Rakesh Kaul - Senior Retail Advisor Carlyle Group